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Joseph Casanova | Jun 7, 2020

Calibrated Wellness’s standard to lab reports and CBD transparency for users.

It’s quite undeniable how big CBD has gotten. With widespread adoption and regulatory laws beginning to favor the movement you might be thinking that CBD has infiltrated every market all at once.

Nowadays it seems as a business you can upgrade your product by simply infusing it with CBD. We have CBD lattes, CBD cocktails, CBD massages and even CBD water. 

The first time CBD was discovered was in 1940 by Dr. Roger Adams and his team at the University of Illinois; although, it took more than two decades for it to become the form we use today. Even though CBD was discovered more than 20 years before THC, THC had taken the spotlight and with the spotlight came the research…

Until recently.

In 2018, it seemed as if CBD was everywhere. It was as if every major publication from Forbes to Healthline was putting out information about CBD. This massive press exposure happened very quickly and companies began to emerge to take advantage of this opportunity.

These businesses had their eyes on getting to market instead of providing the best process and product for their customers. They cared about money and not about you.

These companies didn’t focus on getting the best products instead they would get their ingredients from China or other unreliable sources. There were reports of several CBD companies having synthetics in their products. 

A few  companies were being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for lacing their vape products with addictive ingredients to make sure their customers came back for more.

In 2018, the CBD market was valued at $4.6 billion. Studies have shown that 14% of Americans use CBD. As of the time of this writing, according to worldometers the population of the United States is around 330,240,000. If 14% of Americans use CBD that is roughly 46 million Americans who use CBD. 

46 million people who are potentially purchasing from these companies.

It’s no secret the benefits of what CBD can do for you. There is now substantial research to back how CBD helps with combating seizures, anxiety, pain and even acne. There have even been studies showing positive signs that CBD can inhibit cancer growth. 

There are people who use CBD as if it is their medicine. They’re supposed to get their medicine from companies like this?

It seemed as if a CBD company wasn’t being accused of bad ingredients it was being accused for mislabeling the amount of ingredients. Companies would say their products have 500mg of CBD in reality only have 25mg. Other companies would say their edibles are infused but it turns out their edibles were just sprayed with CBD.

Big difference.

Getting CBD is easy, with just a Google search you can find a dozen different options, but who can you trust?  Trust the honest.

It took almost two years after the massive CBD boom for us to get to market. This is because we focused on creating the best CBD formulations and process for you. We believe in full transparency and that you should know what exactly you are taking. With Calibrated Wellness you have access to all the lab reports of the products you’re using.

Down to the batch. 

To access the lab reports all you need to do is follow our simple 4 step process:

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Calibrated experts test every batch of CBD with a trusted third party independent lab to ensure the purity, potency and label transparency of all products. We guarantee that all of our products meet the strictest and highest quality standards.

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Calibrated offers products that are of the highest quality to fit any and every one of each user's needs. We believe every person is different and we want to calibrate a better life for you.

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