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CBD is being valued more than a 20 billion dollar industry in 2020. Here’s your chance to earn in a booming industry.

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Why Calibrated Wellness?

Here are a few reasons why we should partner up.

Quality First

The best premium products in the market

We put in most of our efforts in making products that people will highly benefit from. It is because of this, that we have a rigorous system in place to pay attention to each and every detail. From the farm harvest and production all the way to the distribution, we are always there to make sure we give our people the best of the best.

Batch Tested

Full transparency with all of our products

Every ingredient that goes into the products we manufacture, is added with intention. Everyone of your customers are able to access the lab repots by scanning the QR code on their product. Then by typing the unique batch number, they are able to see the lab report of what they are consuming.

We put our customers irst

Lifetime Customer Value

We are completely motivated to create a lifetime of value and service to all Calibrated users. We care about their well-being and make it our goal to improve quality of life by providing top-quality products that can help them experience an easier, stress-free, pain-free life. With the opportunity to earn LIFETIME COMMISSIONS this can turn out to be a lot.

The most advance e-commerce solution

Headless E-Commerce

Using a headless websites gives us all the liberty to easily manage content from one single place. It provides us the fastest CBD website in existence which means better conversions for your traffic. All while adding an extra layer of security to protect from anonymous hacking.

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The Most Experienced

Affiliate Managers in the Space

Our affiliate managers have worked with every one of the biggest affiliate networks in the space. The value to this is the extensive experienced our team has received because of it. Anything you need from custom landing pages, banners, additional tracking, or just communication with your affiliate manager is our top priority.

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Become an affiliate today and start earning up to 30% commission on every single sale.

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View lab reports

Calibrated experts test every batch of CBD with a trusted third party independent lab to ensure the purity, potency and label transparency of all products. We guarantee that all of our products meet the strictest and highest quality standards.

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Calibrate yourself

Calibrated offers products that are of the highest quality to fit any and every one of each user's needs. We believe every person is different and we want to calibrate a better life for you.

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Send us an email

Each and every CBD user is different and has specific needs. Write us an e-mail and let us know your story. If this is your first experience, we are here to guide you through the process, for any other questions we are happy to help.