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Full Spectrum & Isolate CBD Oils

Experience the miraculous benefits of CBD with our oil collection. Triple lab tested to the individual batch, non-GMO, and pesticide/THC free.
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CBD features

Our products help many people improve their lives and well-being

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  • Relieves Anxiety

    The use of CBD reduces feelings of everyday worry and generalized anxiety.

  • Promotes Healthy Skin

    Helps keep your skin looking cleansed, young and healthy.

  • Reduces Inflammation

    CBD connects with receptors in your brain and immune system that helps reduce inflammation.

  • Promotes Better Sleep

    CBD interacts with receptors in your body, including those that control your sleep and wake cycles.

  • Suppress Muscle Spasms

    People who consume CBD report a one-third reduction in muscle spasms and pain.

  • Non-Psychoactive

    Unlike THC, CBD has no mind-altering effects.

What is Calibrated?

Calibrated Wellness takes science to create products for the people.

Calibrated Wellness was started by experts in the CBD industry who noticed people in the field servicing for money and not for their customers. They decided to take action and build a business where people come first. Calibrated Wellness, manufactured in the USA, focuses on the product’s quality control and formulas that cater to each and every customer’s needs. Creating products with transparency that focuses on improving the user’s quality of life.

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What others are saying

I used the CBD intensive cream on my hands and fingers having played string instruments for 42 years the cream really worked very well with relief stiffness and muscle soreness.

― Felicia Terry <br>Musician

I have bad elbow issues a good portion of my life and nothing has worked until I used the Calibrated CBD relief creams. It was an immediate relief bringing the pain from a 9 to a 4. Now even days I don’t use it the pain isn’t as bad, such a game changer.

― John-Paul Brett <br>Physical Therapist

CBD has benefited me from handling my anxiety, improving my sleep, and expediting recovery on my knees after a workout or a marathon.

― Colby Reese <br>Culinary Arts

Calibrated CBD products have really brought me a better quality of life. Within the first week I noticed my arthritis wasn’t as irritating as usual. My sleep cycle also improved. Feeling well rested, less stressed, and a lot healthier.

― Anabelle Cortes <br>Professor

Woke up after using Calibrated CBD cream last night… no pain in my knees for the first time in years!

― Nick Bernal <br>Blood Analyst

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View lab reports

Calibrated experts test every batch of CBD with a trusted third party independent lab to ensure the purity, potency and label transparency of all products. We guarantee that all of our products meet the strictest and highest quality standards.

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Calibrate yourself

Calibrated offers products that are of the highest quality to fit any and every one of each user's needs. We believe every person is different and we want to calibrate a better life for you.

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Each and every CBD user is different and has specific needs. Write us an e-mail and let us know your story. If this is your first experience, we are here to guide you through the process, for any other questions we are happy to help.